Partisan Waves is a three-piece indie rock band based in South East London:

Mark: Bass, vocals

Paul: Guitar, backing vocals

Dan: Drums, vocals

The band formed in Autumn 2014, when Mark and Paul met Dan after months of noodling about and a seemingly endless search for people to form a band with. With Dan on board, everything clicked into place.

All three band members have spent the last couple of years writing songs, and each have contributed songs to Partisan Waves’ set.

Here’s a list of some bands/artists we like:

  • Dinosaur Jr
  • The Jam
  • Barrett-era Pink Floyd/Barrett’s solo stuff
  • Husker Du
  • Early Elvis Costello
  • The Smiths
  • Big Star
  • Television
  • Billy Bragg
  • The Beatles (obviously)
  • Pavement
  • The Clash
  • Guided By Voices
  • Nirvana
  • Wilco
  • Aimee Mann
  • Elliott Smith
  • Nada Surf
  • Pixies
  • The National
  • Interpol
  • Broken Social Scene
  • Cloud Nothings
  • Deerhunter
  • Protomartyr




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