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Starting a band

This is my first post on this website, barely a day old. A fresh new website for a very young band.

Partisan Waves hasn’t existed for very long – about three months, tops. It’s been gesticulating for some time, and now it’s here, and we’re getting better every week.

The band might be new, but the stock of songs that we have to work with have been written over the course of a couple of years. The initial catalyst for the band occurred a year and a half ago. Paul and I have been playing music together, off and on, since we were teenagers. Though the bands we formed had the occasional flash of promise, they never really worked out, and I hadn’t really played music for a long time.

We decided to play music together again and bashed through a few cover songs at my flat. It was fun, and we talked about making it a regular thing, maybe forming a covers band or something.

It was not a particularly happy period for me at the time. My 20s were rapidly disappearing. Although I was in a happy, long-term relationship, I felt that my work life had stalled. I was back working in my home town for the first time in 10 years. I found it increasingly difficult to cope with the outside world. I withdrew. I worried the hell out of my fiancee.

But the opportunity to play music seemed to be offering a glimmer of hope. I felt compelled to do something with it. I was at home, off sick from work, when I decided to write a song about how I felt. It came together really quickly, and it seemed alright, so I recorded a very rough version and sent it to Paul. He liked it, so we decided to work on it. It made me feel better, so I kept writing.

Paul had been writing songs on and off for a few years as well. He’s also the best guitarist I know – not just technically, but creatively. It took us a while to get a drummer on board, but when Dan joined the band, everything clicked into place. Dan’s not only a great drummer, he’s a brilliant songwriter, so all three of us have been adding songs to our set list.

Now we’re refining our set, and hope to start gigging regularly pretty soon. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about the band as it develops.