Our first ever interview is online(?!)

Crazy as it seems, there’s an interview with us online, for Pennyblackmusic. You can read it here.

You maybe wondering how a band managed to get an interview having been together less than three months. Cards on the table – we know the people who run that site – they also put gigs on in London, Manchester and Glasgow. They’re doing a series about new bands over the course of the year to see how much each achieves in those 12 months.

They asked us to participate, basically on the strength of the crappy, unrepresentative demos we have on our Soundcloud, and we agreed to take part.

So yes, it’s ridiculous in some ways that a band that has achieved as little as we have has been interviewed for a blog, but it’s an interesting idea for a feature series and I for one will be following it.

A bit about Pennyblack – it’s a passion project of two guys, Richard and John, who grew up on the indie of the 80s. It started as an online shop with articles and reviews, and slowly the articles took over.

John and Richard like to do things the way they like it, which means a retro aesthetic and updates twice a month. What’s great about their site is the content – they run interviews with established and new musicians that get really under the skin of who they are as people – musicians often reveal things about themselves and their music that you won’t read anywhere else. Definitely worth checking out.



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