It’s been a while…


I haven’t posted on here for a while (a lot of stuff has been going on, including preparing for imminent fatherhood), but at least we have plenty of news to share.

We’ve played a couple of great shows in London – one at the Miller near London Bridge, another at Rye Wax in Peckham. We had a great turnout at both gigs and people seemed to like us. Thanks to everyone that came along.

We’ve got some gigs coming up in February and March, but things might be a bit quiet in December and January (due to aforementioned baby arrival)

We’ve also been busy writing, developing and recording songs. We spent a few days recording four tracks for our first EP at Squarehead studios in North Kent in early November. The EP was produced by Rob Wilks, who is drummer in the band Story Books, who we’re all big fans of.

We’re really happy with the end results – some of the tracks capture a similar sound to us live, but with two of the tracks, we experimented a bit and tried out a few things. They’re currently on Soundcloud and have had a reasonably good response so far. The EP will be out in digital and physical formats early in the New Year.

We plan to do a couple of videos for our songs as well, not sure when we’ll get round to that yet,  but we’ll post updates on our progress, as well as future gigs and info on the new EP, as the days go on.



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